About us

Cable accessories directly from the manufacturer for over years
The company was founded in Ditzingen in 1995 by Dagmar Schmitt and Gudrun Neumann. Back then, a company chaired by two women was a real novelty, and is still a rarity in today's electronics business. What began years ago as a vision for cable ties, has today become one of the most successful cable accessories companies in Europe. More information

Our quality management system

Certified safety. We represent the highest quality and environmental standards.
Schmitt + Neumann represent high-quality products. And to make sure it stays that way, a quality management system has been introduced in line with DIN ISO ISO 9001:2015 and DIN ISO ISO 14001:2015 to plan, implement, monitor and improve all quality-relevant activities. This system is practised throughout the entire company. Meeting our clients’ requirements by fulfilling our contractual arrangements lies at the heart of our activities. More information

Your point of contact

Personal service. Right from the outset.
Here at Schmitt + Neumann we always go the extra mile to provide you with the very best service. Our sales staff receives technical training and will be delighted to give you expert advice by telephone. More information

Our mission statement

Successful work and a secure future require a sense of responsibility .
Quality doesn't come from nowhere. This is why we expect a lot from ourselves and our employees. Our mission statement is the binding foundation of our business and the basis for long-lasting, trusting relationships with our customers. Each and every day. More information