Bundling and fastening

Cable ties and fastening elements that keep their promises.
Don't leave anything to chance, when it comes to bundling or fastening. Whatever the application, whatever the use. Our products tie up all your loose ends in more ways than one. Sophisticated designs make your life easier during the installation process. They allow your work to be done accurately and, above all, safely. And, whenever time is of the essence, our massive storage capacity ensures that you will usually receive your order as early as the next working day. View all products

Cable glands

A firm, tight connection for your cable.
Using our cable glands in conjunction with your cables and wires will provide protection of electrical systems from mechanical influences like dust and humidity. We offer the right product for almost every need and a variety of working conditions. At your request, we can take care of the assembly and packaging or even use special bags or cardboard boxes for packaging – in accordance to your wishes. View all products

Connection technology

Lasting quality, whatever you’re connecting.
With us, even the smallest features have a massive impact – regardless of what you want to connect. From wire end ferrules, insulated ring and fork cable lugs, butt connectors, circular connectors, right through to the 300 mm² compression or tubular cable lug - our connection technology comes in a huge variety of configurations. And, as an extra service for your convenience you can have the assortment boxes for wire end ferrules equipped by our service team. View all products

Insulating and protecting

Protect the fragile things, label the important stuff.
We offer a vast selection of shrink tubes for airtight and watertight cable encasement, for cable protection in underground installations and for corrosion protection. Use our VDE-certified insulating tape wherever things need to be marked. If you would like to have your shrink tubes custom printed, we can also take care of it for you. View all products


Perfectly sorted. Our Assortment boxes.
Our practical assortments for cable ties, terminals, end sleeves and heat shrink tubes. View all products


Our practical aids for perfect application.
If you are in need of a particular tool, we have a wide range on offer. They will win you over with their ease of use and durability. View all products